Masakatsu Takagi


Born in 1979 in Kyoto. Musician and filmmaker.

In 2001, she debuted with the music and video album “PIA” in the US.
In 2002, “Journal for People” was announced by DaisyWorld Disc hosted by Haruomi Hosono, and “World is So Beautiful” as a project with Agnes B.
After that, many video works will be exhibited at museums in Japan and overseas.

He participated in David Sylvian's world tour with video production, and continues a wide range of activities, such as video works with the Institute of Art and Anthropology and RIKEN, film music such as “Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki” “The Boy And The Beast” and “MIRAI” and TV drama music, commercial music, and writing for the NHK TV series novel “Welcome Home Mone.”

Starting with life in a satoyama in 2014, “Yamaemi” which looks like a village festival with diverse artists such as Ainu singers, was announced.
Recent works are “Marginaria,” a collection of piano songs that invited nature by opening the window of my home in a mountain village, and “Kotoizu” a collection of essays.