Manami Kakudo
× Kaho Kogure

² 角銅真実×小暮香帆

A project by Manami Kakudo and Kaho Kogure.
Waving with two bodies.

Mamami Kakudo
‍Musician and percussionist. I grew up surrounded by mountains and rivers in Nagasaki Prefecture.
While working as a percussionist based on his background in contemporary music, he has been developing free expressive activities such as music production and performances using various percussion instruments, starting with marimbas, his own voice, words, music boxes, cassette tape players, and things around him.
They have released 3 albums so far. In addition to his own solos, in addition to being involved in live support and recording for various artists such as the band Cero, Dip in the Pool, and Time in the Air, he also provides music and produces music for movies, stages, dance, and installation works.

Kaho Kogure
Dancer and choreographer.
While presenting his own works both domestically and internationally, he develops the aesthetics of movement across the boundaries of stage, live performances, media, etc. He also appeared in many works by choreographers and participated in overseas tours.
In recent years, he has expanded his range of activities, such as collaborating with artists of other genres, choreographing for movies, and appearing in the Paris Collection. They dance by cherishing the things that go round and round.